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The goal of the project is to research how totalitarian-authoritarian regimes in Croatian during 20th century (regime of the Independent State of Croatia and regime of Democratic Federative Yugoslavia/Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia/Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia) applied various forms of violence in order to achieve their ideological and political goals. The project will research the period of World War II and with the period from 1945 to 1990. Equally important goal is to ascertain how individuals and groups who were subjected to this violence reacted in order to protect themselves and survive. The project will also deal with the problems of establishment of numbers of certain groups of victims/casualties of World War II and immediate after war period. The project will to a large degree be based on comprehensive research of new archival sources. The project will result, among others, in series of scientific papers, monographs, and series of scientific colloquiums and round tables.

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