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  • What was the role of people’s courts in the period after 1945, within the newly established communist regime?

  • What was the level of independence of people’s courts and what was the level of their dependency on the regime’s policy?

  • What was the structure of persons that were brought before people’s courts as political enemies of the regime?

  • What was the structure of the security and repressive apparatus in Croatia during the communist rule?

  • What were the factors that influenced the changes in the structure and activities of that apparatus?

  • In what measure did the communist system respect formally guaranteed rights of citizens in cases when these citizens were perceived as political enemies?

  • In what measure did the (intra)ethnic relations in Croatia and Yugoslavia influenced the level of repression of the communist system?

  • When and how did the communist system applied repressive measure, or measures of control over the religious communities?

  • In what measure did the communist system really observe its formal legislature on the freedom of religion?

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